Hole 7

PAR 4 ~ BLUE 348 YDS ~ WHITE 338 YDS ~ GREEN 314 YDS

If you want to par this hole you must hit straight down the fairway to the corner of the “dogleg” left, carry 225 yards. This allows for a 125 yard iron shot to the green with no hazards in play.  If you are short with your tee shot, you will have to come in over the corner bunker tight to the green; this is a tough shot. The carry to the green across the corner is 315 yards from the right side of the tee box. This shot is obstructed by woods but some intrepid gofers can pull this shot off.  The green has a severe right to left back to front slope so there are few putts that don't break a few feet.  This is a double bogey for the high handicappers, par for the low handicapper and a birdie possibility for the pros.  By the way, off the tee you have out of bounds on the right and some nasty clover over there also.  It is possible to go overland to the green, but be careful the grass in the waste area is tough so your second shot may not go far.  For the long ball hitters, avoid getting stymied by a big spruce out 205 yards on the right.  This hole looks easy but few pars are made here regularly. This is golf at its best, interesting, challenging for all and fun.






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