Hole 3

PAR 5 ~ BLUE 548 YDS ~ WHITE 513 YDS ~ GREEN 488 YDS

So you are off to a great start and you have that wonderful feeling after two good holes.  Well pay attention now because this par 5 is not easy. The tee box is set up for the long ball hitter attempting the green in two. Other players are advised to play well left to avoid bunkers down the right side.  The rough on the left is well mown turf and is playable but may take the distance of your second shot making the green difficult to hit on your third. Do not get behind the few spruces lining this fairway or you may give up a shot to chip into play. Keep it on the fairway. The funnel like “wooded” approach to the green requires an accurate shot or you could be playing a provisional ball if you have gone left, right or long into the woods. The green is bordered by a bunker on the left and woods on the right. If you are not a scratch golfer plan your approach shot from the 100 yard marker to avoid the trouble, and to open up your chances for a birdie or par. This hole has a large flat green and gives you a chance to sink a thirty footer for par.  Don't get too confident, this is a difficult two putt.  By the way, any ball hit right of the tee or fairway will be out of bounds, so all those with a slice take care, this hole will add to your score quickly. A bogey here is a good score even for the low handicapper.  Again this is birdie material for the long ball hitter with a very accurate second iron shot and a hot putter.






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