Hole 14


PAR 5 ~ BLUE 525 YDS ~ WHITE 481 YDS ~ GREEN 456 YDS


The name Sweet Afton sums this hole up most accurately. The Afton River in Scotland was always known as the Sweet Afton because of its beauty and serenity. The song "Flow Gently Sweet Afton" describes this hole and how to play it.  For some, this is the hole that they would love to skip going directly from 13 to 15. For others, they would play this hole 18 times for the round. Many others would rebuild the green or fill in the tidal marsh to make it to their liking. This hole evokes strong feelings from all who play it, be they scratch or bogey golfers.  Although this is not the signature hole, it is the defining hole in the round of golf for most players.  Sweet Afton offers great rewards for risk takers that are successful in their shot making, so birdies can be had here but only if earned. On the other hand, the penalties for taking the risks and not making the shots will move even the scratch golfer into bogey and double bogey territory.  In essence this is the perfect golf hole.  Sweet Afton has to be played with the mind coupled with very high quality golf shots so it has become the defining hole for all who play at Glen Afton.  Laments are overheard on the tee box at number 15 that could make a best seller if published, "Best Excuses in Golf".  This was the most difficult hole to write about simply because justice cannot be done in describing this hole; you have to play it to understand why it brings out the best and worst in players.






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