Hole 13

PAR 4 ~ BLUE 357 YDS ~ WHITE 347 YDS ~ GREEN 312 YDS

Thirteen is an exciting and challenging hole that runs along the ocean and is a pleasure to look upon. It is a 357 yard par 4 with a “dogleg” to the right that requires a precise tee shot. The right side of the fairway skirts along the ocean and to make the corner comfortably you need a drive of 220 yards placed accurately because mature trees loom in the middle of the fairway at around 180 yards and along the right edge before the corner a thicket of trees lies in wait for any errant drives.  If you got the drive you wanted you then have a carry of around 150 yards over a pond into a beautiful green that slopes up with a bunker left and ocean at the back.  You have to factor in the wind which is a constant issue plus a firmer green which will not hold shots unless they were launched very high.  Many mid to high handicappers play this hole as a lay-up and happily take bogey but for those bold enough this can be a well earned par. Should you decide to lay-up the pitch to the green across the pond is longer than it looks at 75 yards. Precision and strategy are important when playing lucky 13. The prudent bogey golfer will lay-up in front of the pond, wedge the ball in close and still be going for par. The not so prudent golfer here usually gets a double or triple. Note: The direct to the green tee shot over ocean and marsh requires a carry of 326 yards of the tee. Be careful it is 300 yards to carry the marsh and ocean. The reward for your risk is a possible eagle and fame.






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