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Hole 6

PAR 4 ~ BLUE 343 YDS ~ WHITE 318 YDS ~ GREEN 301 YDS

This is what links golf is all about. This hole is wide open with a closely mown fairway bounding a pond, “dogleg” left.  Your choice, drive the green across the water, carry 320 yards.  Play left into secondary cut into the turf in front of the pond, leaving a delicate pitch onto the green. Play to the left corner and leave an unobstructed shot into the green, carry 250 yards. Play safely to a landing area approaching the green, across the corner of the pond and bunker, carry 275 yards. On the other hand two well thought out 160 yard, 4 iron shots will get you there as well.  Yes, it is a large green sloping back to front and right to left so a three putt is possible.  This is a sure bogey for the high handicapper, a good chance for par for our low handicappers and a birdie for the pros.  By the way, watch the wind here as your drive is wide open to the prevailing west wind.  Who needs woods when golf can be this much fun, the way the Scots intended it. Note: The break right to left at the top right on this green is severe so take note of that if the pin is back right.






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